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Upperwest.com: Dedicated to New York's Upper West Side

Welcome to the Upperwest.com website where you can find the most in-depth content about the Upper West Side of New York City available anywhere!  We list every street business and all UWS shopping locations, as well as doctors, dentists, financial service professionals, accountants and lawyers on the Upper West Side ... all organized by category and block, along with local UWS articles and pictures; insightful blogs from local writers; reviews; and upper west side apartments for rent, and upper west side apartments for sale.  We have specific content for UWS areas including Lincoln Square, Morningside Heights and Manhattan Valley; as well as sections for Upper Westside Zipcodes 10023, 10024, 10025, 10026 and 10027. Check out our mobile site at http://m.upperwest.com or our exclusive list of UWS business tweets or UWS people tweets.  Know the name of a business you're looking for, try our new quick UWS Business Search section.  You might also be interested in our sister site for the Upper East Side.

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Featured Upper West Side Businesses

Shangri-La Day Spa - Dedicated to relaxation and therapeutic treatments. Offering a wide variety of services that blend European technical and Eastern philosoph...
City Brows at 2265 Broadway - Citybrows offers a wide range of services and expert advice, including: salon services, facial and skin care treatments, tattoos and more!
The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine - Veterinary hospital
Organic Avenue - Healthy ... hearty
Momofuku Milk Bar - Cookies, cakes, pies and more!
Leopard at des Artistes - The Leopard at des Artistes finds its roots in the area once know as The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (mid 1800s), and the culinary tradition...
Five Napkin Burger - Outstanding burgers and service
Empire Hotel Roof Top Bar & Lounge - Great views of Manhattan in a large area ... we're buzzing every night after work and into the evening!
Dive Bar - Get down to drinking business!
Canine Club - The only place on the Upper West Side where your dog can truly relax!
Carmel Car & Limousine Service - Great prices and limousine service for Upper West Side residents

Featured Upper West Side Blogs

DEVELOPER PLANS NEW APARTMENT BUILDING ON CHURCH PROPERTY - A developer has filed plans to build a seven-story building on the corner of 107th street and Columbus Avenue, where there is now a short bu...
PARM TO OPEN ON TUESDAY NIGHT; CHECK OUT THE MENU - Italian restaurant Parm plans to open for business on Tuesday night, finally filling the long-vacant restaurant space on Columbus between 70...
SURVEY: 25% OF APARTMENT OWNERS TIP THEIR DOORMEN $0 - It's that special time of year again. Brick Underground, a website about apartment-living, has surveyed apartment owners and renters in N...
‘COLUMBUS AVENUE STROLL’ OFFERS HOLIDAY DEALS - On Thursday, retailers on and around Columbus Avenue will open their doors for a special holiday shopping event, offering discounts and free...
WEEKLY NEWS BULLETIN: A BAD BROKER, A CREATIVE DUMPSTER AND MORE - Learn about a bad broker, a fancy dumpster, celebrities and more in our Upper West Side news bulletin.
80 YEARS LATER, THERE’S STILL NO CHAZEREI AT ZABAR’S - By Krista Carter Zabar's celebrates its 80th year on the Upper West Side this year, and the store and its leaders show no signs of slowin...
MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY EVACUATED BECAUSE OF FIRE - By Emily Baer A fleet of fire trucks showed up to the American Museum of Natural History late Friday afternoon to battle a fire on the fi...
PHOTOS: TINY SNOWMAN, SANTAS BIKING, HUNGRY HIPPO, MORE PROTEST PICS - Check out a tiny snowman, Santas biking in the park, and several other striking pictures from the past couple of weeks.
NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM PLANS NEW BUILDING, TAKING OVER PART OF ADJACENT PARK - The Museum of Natural History is planning to construct a new six-story building to the west of its existing structure, taking over part of T...

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