Tue Jul 7, 2015

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NY African Restaurant Week Invites You to the Table!

Morningside News - Mon, 06/08/2015 - 19:16

nyarwNYARW invites you to come share the African table!

The NY African Restaurant Week (NYARW) is an annual cultural event taking place throughout the city from May 31st – June 14th 2015. The event invites food enthusiasts, travelers, cultural explorers and more to celebrate the best of African cuisine, wine, chefs, artisans and restaurants  throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Sixteen of twenty-five participating restaurants – delivering fare from Eritrea to South Africa – are located in Manhattan, with thirteen of those right here in our neighborhood. That’s the majority of the festival, and speaks volumes about the great diversity of Harlem, as well as the cultural and culinary contributions of our numbered African residents and businesses.

Uptown participating restaurants include Accra Restaurant, The Cecil, Farafina, Harlem Besame, La Savane, Lenox Sapphire, Les Ambassades, Massawa, Ponty Bistro, Shrine, Tsion Cafe & Bakery, and Zoma. Most are offering 3 course prix fixe meals at various prices, but averaging around $28.95. As an example, Zoma is offering NYAWR participants one of three combination platters for two and two glasses of wine for the price of $29.99. From an economic standpoint alone: This is a great time to dine African!

La Savane & Tsion
NYARW is also featuring events at different venues across the city that showcase African art, travel, fashion and more. The mission of NYARW is simply to bring people together to celebrate and share the best of the continent’s cuisine and culture. Visit www.nyarw.com for the full schedule and ticket information.

Pictured above: Guinea Fowl  from La Savane (left); View of  Tsion Cafe (right). Home page image: Ponty Bistro Harlem



WSCG Kickstarter Campaign – Please help to support the WSCG

The West Side Community Garden - Sun, 06/07/2015 - 08:39
Dear Westside Community Garden Members and Supporters: We are delighted to tell you about a project that has taken up most of our time over the last few months, namely putting together a special Kickstarter campaign, to help us with fundraising for performances at the Westside Community Garden. And this is your chance to witness… Continue reading →
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