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Havana Central

Address: 2909 Broadway
Block: Broadway Avenue between 113th & 114th
Phone: 212-662-8830
Website: http://www.havanacentral.com
Features: Cuban,Live Entertainment,Lively Bar Scene,Outdoor Seating
NYC Dept of Health Violations Link: - View Report

Yelp users give Havana Central an overall rating of 3 based on 310 total reviews.

Bernadette E. says "My husband really like the food he ordered here. He wanted to come back unfortunately, it is now closed....read more

Yong K. says "Went for a friend's birthday dinner. Maybe it was because our group was really large, but the service was average.. not that great. Food was pretty slow to......read more

Danielle P. says "I dined here with my family late on a Friday night and we were extremely pleased with our experience. They serve simple, authentic and delicious Cuban food,......read more

  Citysearch users give Havana Central an overall rating of 7 out of 10 based on 26 total reviews.

  live music & eye candy ( - JoeB1 rates it 6 out of 10) - Good food, happy hour deals, live music and a good lookin crowd. ...read more

  Live music in the evening hours truly make it special! ( - LeannS rates it 8 out of 10) - I love the place more for their live music on display than the food because there is room to dance and definitely is truly a special. I have not seen other locations were you would be eating a cuisine and then go dance to real live music.… ...read more

  Felt like being in the real Havana! ( - Aaron21 rates it 8 out of 10) - Being there the first time, I was a bit skeptical but as the band started to play, the restaurant came alive with music and become the spot to go. The food is delicious and have creative names for some of their dishes. The food is well… ...read more