Tue Oct 25, 2016

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La Dinastia

Address: 145 W 72nd St
Block: 72nd Street between Amsterdam & Columbus
Phone: 212-362-3801
Features: Chinese,Latin American,Asian

Yelp users give La Dinastia an overall rating of 3.5 based on 102 total reviews.

Christina D. says "Chicharron de Pollo sin Hueso is the best here. But everything else is good. you can't go wrong with what you get from here....read more

Ravishing L. says "I love the food and the fact that it is like a hidden gem on the Upper West Side. We have always had great customer service and the best portions!! I have......read more

Jason W. says "You walk in here with a certain expectation and said expectation is met: Spanish food that fills you up and Chinese food that's tasty as all hell but also......read more