Sun Dec 4, 2016

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La Dinastia

Address: 145 W 72nd St
Block: 72nd Street between Amsterdam & Columbus
Phone: 212-362-3801
Features: Chinese,Latin American,Asian

Yelp users give La Dinastia an overall rating of 3.5 based on 105 total reviews.

Rosanna V. says "The food was average! I had steak and fried rice . It was really good. The steak lacked flavor for a Spanish recipe but it was good, nonetheless! The......read more

Irit G. says "Staff was not nice. Ignored us. The dishes were big, but not that good. It was really cold inside...read more

Ted M. says "Oh man has this place gone downhill. It's been a while since I got lunch from here but it will be another looooong while if at all before trying again.......read more